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The new ZAXIS470H has key benefits of high quality, low fuel consumption, high durability, and exceptional operator comfort, all of which serve to ensure low running cost








  • Peace of Mind – 2 year driveline warranty so that customers can focus on what they do best: business.  
  • Proven in the Field – Well accepted and proven aggregates ensure long life of the machine.  
  • Powerful and Reliable – The new inline FIP engine is not only rugged to withstand the demands of your business but is also easy to repair, ensuring your work never stops.  
  • Safety First – TH 86 Max series comes with an optional fire extinguisher.  
  • Powershift Transmission – Designed for long life. Enhanced drive comfort. Reduced cycle time and increased cabin space.  
  • Keeps You Moving – Rear ZF Multitrac Axle is designed for heavy dozing operations and long life.  
  • Cyclonic Pre-Cleaner – The zero maintenance Cyclonic Pre-Cleaner ensures your engine breathes clean air without a care.

  • 4-Wheel Drive (Optional) – 4 wheel drive option ensures the machine has traction on all wheels, irrespective of the surface
  • Rockbreaker (Optional)  
  • Loader Version – Loader version of TH86 is the optimum match for dedicated loading needs
  • Auto-Leveling and Return to Dig Feature – Loader bucket levels and returns to dig position automatically
  • 6-in-1 Bottom Dump Bucket – One attachment to take care of digging, dozing, grabbing, grading, loading and backfiling (spreading)