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The all-new GI series ZAXIS140H excavator provides impressive fuel economy, swift front movement and easy operations. Having an improved fuel efficiency and productivity, the HIOS III hydraulic systems and engine control systems helps in reducing CO2 emissions, as well.






The new ZAXIS140H is a fuel-thrifty excavator that can produce more with an improved fuel efficiency of around 16%, thanks to the HIOS III hydraulic system and engine control system and engine control system. Further the machine offers:

  • More fuel reduction in ECO mode
  • Swift front movements with HIOS III hydraulics
  • Rapid arm roll-in
  • Fast arm speed during boom lowering
  • Enhanced power boost
  • Powerful lifting operation
  • Arm cylinder and boom cylinders cushion shocks at stroke ends to cut noise and extend service life.

The cabin offers exceptional comfort and confidence, with plenty of leg space and excellent visibility. The new compact console gives more leg space

  • The new door pillar is shifted rearward by 70mm to widen entry space for easy access into the cabin.
  • The control panel and the control levers are arranged within easy reach of the operator.
  • AM/FM radio with two speakers are available for reducing work stress.
  • All designs focus on enhancing operator comfort and reducing his fatigue level.